Spectral Age Edit

  • God creates reality and divides it into Heaven (Shamayin) and the Multiverse (Tebel).
  • God creates the Angels in Heaven. As a byproduct of the beginning of life, Death is created.
  • God creates Humans on Earth.
  • God creates the Vectors on Vector Prime.
  • God creates the Origalve on Origyem.
  • God creates the Yan'zizar on Zharicus.
  • God creates the Zhulba on Zharba.
  • God creates the Armirage on Armzra.
  • The Humans, Vectors, and Origalve fail God's test, while the Yan'zizar, Zhulba, and Armirage pass it and their planets are moved to Heaven.

Spectrum Age Edit

  • The Origalve Empire declares war on the Clonzian Empire and attack the planet Malthiu.
  • The Origalve begin abducting and experimenting on humans. They create the Zanoid gene and implant it into the abducted humans.
  • The Superians ally themselves with the Clonzian Empire against the Origalve Empire.
  • During a battle between the Origalve and Clonzians, the Origalve open a wormhole to suck in the Clonzian fleet, but accidentally suck their own fleet in as well.

Old Age Edit

New Age Edit

  • The Red Tyrant kills Senator Jason Aldrix and shape shifts into him.
  • Red Tyrant is elected president.
  • Red Tyrant outlaws new superheroes from fighting crime.
  • Red Tyrant creates a task force of superheroes to fight crime and vigilantes.

Age of Ender Edit